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First impression matter a lot especially to a potential client. The first thing a person will notice when approaching an office, mall and a business premise is the external facade. 

A cleaned building exterior will leave a lasting memory and inspire confidence in a potential or even a returning client. A building with a clean facade is also aesthetically pleasing. 

Facade cleaning refers to the process of maintaining a clean exterior of a building by ensuring that it remains free of dirt, stains, and other nasty pollutants. Materials used for external facades are glass, wood, steel, stone, and aluminum.

Types of external façade cleaning

Most professional cleaning companies including J.S Services LLP use the following three water-based types of facade cleaning:

  • Pressure Washing

This is the most used facade cleaning method. Professional cleaners use water with low to medium pressure applied on the building’s surface. J.S Services LLP combines the pressure washing with physical scrubbing using material such as brushes to deal with stubborn stains.

  • Soaking

This method is time-consuming and can take up to several weeks it is especially useful for areas that are not exposed to rain. It is an ideal cleaning for old historic buildings since it uses a mild cleaning method. 

It entails spraying the exterior of a building over a long time repeatedly to agitate and loosen the dirt that has accumulated. This method is used together with pressure washing and finally rinsing.

  • Steam Cleaning

This method involves spraying down the exterior of a building with hot pressurized water. This steam cleaning is not a facade cleaning method that is commonly used. Steam cleaning is done to building surfaces that have a high build-up of soil, sort, grim, or clearing out plants such as climbing ivy.

When these water-based methods are properly utilized they provide the least invasive methods of facade cleaning.

Low Rise Window Cleaning

There are many businesses, organizations, and institutions that use windows as an external facade of their buildings. These windows provide a welcoming and clean aesthetic for these businesses and require cleaning often to maintain the shiny clean surface. 

Most buildings that use glass windows as a facade are multi-floored, and cleaners need some equipment to enable them to do their work. 

The scissor lift and Boom lift are two suspension systems that professional cleaners use.

Scissor Lift & Boom Lift

Scissor lift is a suspension system used by facade cleaners to enable move about and access both external and internal surfaces with ease. They are known for their low noise and large work areas.

Boom lifts is another suspension system used by facade cleaners, which is praised for its precise positioning and versatility, especially when working on difficult areas. 

Benefits of using J.S Services LLP for facade cleaning

  1. Our employees offer quality service- cleaning glass windows facades on high-rise buildings requires cleaners comfortable with heights to deliver quality work.

  2. Our employees offer reliable services- professional cleaners are experienced in their line of work making them reliable, especially in dangerous situations such as high-rise window cleaning.

  3. We are experienced and knowledgeable in their services.

  4. We can offer thorough cleaning, which helps the facade last longer and maintain its original appeal.


Facade cleaning is especially important to maintain a building's aesthetic and appeal to potential clients. It is especially important to ensure that a business hires a professional facade cleaning company, such as J.S Services LLP, especially for delicate services such as high-rise window cleaning.

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