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professional cleaning company - about js services


25 Years of Experience

A better choice for better cleaning for you

No doubt, there are hundreds of cleaning companies in Singapore. Many companies promise to put a smile on your face. But instead, what you get is a disappointment. For J.S Services LLP, we are different. We deliver our promise and serve you as per your expectations. 

Here are some of the reasons why companies choose us:

1. Personalised service, no client is too small. 

Our goal is to serve you according to your needs. As a cleaning company, every client is crucial to us. Equity is a central principle in our services. So, no client is small or big. We work according to your expectation and needs. When you contract J.S Services LLP for your cleaning services, you can expect personalised services without any compromise.  

2. No feedbacks are too small  

We understand that customers are critical in our service delivery. Our purpose is to serve them better. As such, we take any feedback seriously. To us, every feedback is crucial to the improvement of our services. So, no feedbacks are small and never ignore expressing your experience with our services.

3. Regular communication enables us to listen to both our client closely and understand our staff. 

Communication is central to the success of any business.  J.S Services LLP provides a listening ear for both our clients and staff. We regularly communicate with them to understand their complaints and compliments. Our customer service personnel always reach out to clients after the cleaning services to get feedback on their feelings and experience. 

Also, we hold regular meetings with staff to know about their challenges working with us. 

4. Competitive pricing while maintaining services standards Company Visions

Are you having a shoestring budget and want to contract your cleaning services? If so, J.S Services LLP is here to serve you. 

At our company, we believe in offering superb services at affordable prices. We will not require you to set aside your staff salaries to pay for our cleaning services. 

Our vision is to thrive together by establishing a strong working relationship. As such, J.S Services LLP offers competitive prices while delivering quality standards to put a smile on your face.

5. Having our clients’ interest at heart 

The success of any company lies in understanding their customers and serving them satisfactory. For this reason, J.S Services LLP has our clients’ interest at heart. We tailor make our services to suit our clients’ needs. We take their worries as our own and help them to solve them. 

We put ourselves on your shoes and offer services as we would expect from others. So, when working with us, we allow you to define how your work should be accomplished. You are the boss, and our responsibility is to meet your requirements.

6. Listening and understanding our staff feedbacks.  

Listening and understanding your staff is the core aspect of having a motivated workforce. J.S Services LLP practice is proof of this idea. We do not work as individuals. Our team works as a family where listening and understanding them is critical to our growth and performance. 

When the staff fails to accomplish their duty as expected, we discuss it with them before taking any action. 

7. Never compromise service delivery  

Compromise is not one of the words in our books. J.S Services LLP goal is to deliver quality services without compromise. Whether you have a fixed budget or not, we always provide satisfactory services. If your budget is insufficient, we will help you organize how to get your work done. 

Our priority is quality services. We are happy when you’re satisfied with our services. So, if you’re looking for a trusted, competent cleaning company, we are your choice.


8. Working together with our clients to achieve a pleasant and clean environment 

J.S Services LLP believes in taking care of the environment. Working together with clients, we ensure we achieve a clean and pleasant environment. We do this by ensuring that we use environmental friendly cleaning agents. Also, we dispose of waste in a way that takes care of our environment. We also liaise with our clients and advise them on the essence of keeping the environment clean.

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