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Cleaning floors at workspace may be considered a non-issue and just done under standard cleaning procedures to remove dirt and dust. This is not enough to keep any workplace conducive for employees and customers. 


Besides, different hard floors require professional attention, an expert who understands every flooring material and needs delivers proper hard-floor maintenance.


Below are reasons why you need J.S Services LLP to do hard floor maintenance.

1. Perception

Surveys have indicated that people's perception of a place is determined by how clean the floor is. With a clean floor in the business premises, customers tend to be assured of quality services and professionalism. 


A smelly and untidy space and floors will drive customers away and may never return. Some customers say that they cannot go back to a store if they perceive their floors unclean.


2. A Healthy Working Space

With the current happenings around the world, no business is risking operating under an unclean environment. The issue of workplace safety has become a significant concern globally, with laws being enacted to protect employees and customers. 


A professional cleaning company such as J.S Services LLP can help in maintaining the cleanliness standards in workspaces. We remove dust, allergens, mold, debris, and thereby making the workspace safe for everyone.


3. Increases Productivity

With a reduced number of sickness among employees due to a clean working environment, employees tend to be happy, healthy, and more productive. They can fully concentrate on their work. Clean air circulating within the offices helps them stay bright and eager for work!


4. High-Quality Cleaning Service

J.S Services LLP, compared to in-house janitor,is more reliable in providing professional cleaning services on floors.  We do not just have the right training but also equipped with the right tools to clean different hard floors.


Besides, we reach and clean areas that may not be reached by normal staff.


5. Cost-Effective

Hiring an in-house janitor is arguably expensive in the long term compared to using a cleaning company.  Besides, an in-house janitor may assume so many areas and even provide low-quality services, something a cleaning company will never do. 


J.S Services LLP is always after building their reputation and delivering high-quality cleaning services is their way through.

How Cleaning Is Done for Each Floor and Surface

J.S Services LLP understands that different floors require extra care while cleaning. Here is how cleaning is done for each floor type.


1. Concrete Floors

The floor condition is assessed, and professional devices are used to measure the density of the concrete and the moisture level. This helps determine which program will be used to provide the floor care services.  The cleaning process involves floor polishing, prepping, grinding, and sealing.


2. Stone floors (Granite, Marble, Slate, Travertine)

J.S Services LLP conducts four steps for any stone floor cleaning process after determining the type of stone floor and the most suitable detergents.

The process involves cleaning, honing, polishing, and sealing.


3. Ceramic Tile

The areas to be cleaned are inspected, and the process begins. The method includes pre-treating tile, Surface scrubbing, Rinsing with pressure heated water, sealing.


4. Vinyl Tile

The process begins with pre-inspection, followed by pre-vacuum, detergent application, post-vacuum, rinsing, and finally, sealing the floor.

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