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When you want to clean hazardous areas in industrial facilities like factories, warehouses, and powerplants, you need to find professionals for the task. The cleaning process may be dangerous for ordinary workers. This is why you need the help of a cleaning company. J.S Services LLP has the proper training required and are also aware of the safety measures. 


J.S Services LLP provides various cleaning services in industrial premises. There are various duties and services performed during industrial premises cleaning by these companies. Here are some essential duties.


Basic Cleaning

Having a clean working environment in industrial premises is essential for workers' productivity and compliance with the international standards of workers' health and safety.


For the effective operation of industrial premises, it is essential to keep the area cleaned and kept free from infections and accidents.


J.S Services LLP conducts several necessary cleaning activities in industrial premises such as:

  • Dry Cleaning

It involves cleaning surfaces in industrial premises using special equipment to get rid of visible wastes, dust, and other materials.


Dry cleaning is vital as it helps remove infectious materials on surfaces.

During this process, harmful materials are removed from walls, surfaces, and ceilings.


  • Deep Cleaning

It is common for the floor of an industrial premise to get dirty over time since there are always activities. Floors and equipment usually accumulate dust and grime, which in the long run, can affect productivity.


J.S Services LLP conducts several deep cleaning duties when performing the task. We use brushes, cotton pieces of cloth to wipe the machinery and return them to regular operation and optimum performance.


  • Floor and Wall Care

Depending on the floor's type, trained professionals will apply the right chemicals and equipment while cleaning the surfaces. This ensures that the foundation has been thoroughly cleaned and its color maintained, without losing their shades. 


Carpeted areas in industries like the offices are vacuumed, cleaned, and dried too.


Cleanup In Various Areas

J.S Services LLP will not just conduct floor cleaning and industrial pollution. We will clean various areas in the industry, such as:

  • Restrooms

  • Warehouses

  • Loading docks

  • Cafeterias

  • Silos

  • Conference rooms

  • Storage spaces

  • Laboratories

  • Washrooms

  • And more. 


These areas are professionally cleaned using the right procedures and supplies.

Chemical cleaning and care for different floor types, carpeted, and marble floors are done and polishing these areas.

Machinery is used to conduct wet cleaning, vacuuming, and drying the surfaces.

If required, J.S Services LLP will also conduct furniture cleaning, window cleaning, and machinery.


Disinfection of Surfaces

Industrial premises have high-touch areas like doors, machinery, and furniture, which could spread diseases if not disinfected regularly. J.S Services LLP sanitizes these large or high-touch areas to kill the infection-causing germs and prevent the spread of diseases among the employees.


Trained professionals in the J.S Services LLP conduct disinfection using proper techniques and tools that are more relevant and appropriate for disinfection.

The chemicals are applied to towels and cloths and then used to wipe them thoroughly to remove and kill the germs.

The chemicals used are eco-friendly and effective in killing pathogens with enough contact time before washing the surfaces.

Use of modern technology in disinfection.

With large surfaces to be disinfected within a short time and let the industrial premises resume their operations, the use of modern technology in the disinfection process has not been assumed by J.S Services LLP.


Technological equipment like the electrostatic sprayers are used to disinfect hard to reach areas and are also more efficient than the manual method.

Electrostatic sprayers charge the chemical as we leave and hence stick to the surfaces in a uniform and perfect manner, allowing contact and killing the pathogens eventually.


Why Choose J.S Services LLP to Clean your Industrial Premises

The current world demands a clean environment for everyone and everywhere. There are international hygiene policies that help protect workers at their workplaces to help them stay productive and healthy. 


With industries and factories having many activities every day, it could be hard to regularly conduct cleaning and disinfection activities and meet international hygiene standards. This is why J.S Services LLP should be contacted to offer their professional cleaning services.


Understanding what type of duties, we conduct in cleaning industrial premises can be the first step to finding the right cleaning company for the services.

J.S Services LLP conduct duties such as necessary cleaning, removal of industrial pollution, disinfection, and conducting cleanups in various places on the premises.

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